About Us

Hey! We are Jareena and Ari. We are an American couple traveling the world to avoid growing up, honestly. After graduating university, we knew we weren’t ready for careers (too much adulting involved). So we decided to quit our jobs, sell almost everything we had, end our apartment lease and travel the world. We didn’t have a lot of money before we left and in reality we don’t have much now! But we’re making it happen because we want to create a life full of first time experiences, meeting new friends, and adventure every corner. We hope to inspire you to create your own journey.


About Jareena

Hey fellow travelers! A little bit about me… I’m from a beautiful sunny beach in Los Angeles, California. I graduated from university with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and minored in English. Watching action packed movies, learning about the world, and eating a whole lot of food are some of my favorite things to do. One day, I hope I can be a documentary filmmaker so I can make a positive change globally.

 About Ari

Hey everyone! I spent a good portion of my younger years in Oregon and spent my college years in Kansas (Go Wildcats!). I love watching sports, reading a good book, and am always looking for new adventures. I can’t wait to see the world and explore more everyday.