Bamboo Rafting on the Li River in Yangshuo, China

The last city we visited in China was Yangshuo; a beautiful town in the countryside tucked away between the lush green hills. Most people take a day trip to Yangshuo from Guilin. It’s popular to take a river cruise down the Li River, a gorgeous tour of China’s hidden gems. Unfortunately, on the day we were planning to boat to Yangshuo, it poured rain and was freezing outside. We figured it would be best to skip the cruise because we wouldn’t be able to take in all the scenery since the weather didn’t permit.

However, once we got to Yangshuo (by a long bus ride) we were pleased to know our hostel could set us up on a bamboo raft tour once the skies cleared. We were blessed with a sunny day during our time in the country and we thought it would be a perfect day to take a tranquil ride down the Li River. Our hostel Yangshuo Sudder Guesthouse, which we HIGHLY RECOMMEND offered discount tickets for the bamboo raft tours.

For a one hour tour, it was 185 CNY ($28 USD or $14/person) for a two person raft. The hostel also organized a motorbike taxi for us for only 50 CNY ($7 USD). He picked us up at the hostel, brought us to the dock, got our tickets for us, waited for us at the end of the tour, and returned us to our hotel. It was really convenient and a great deal. If you’re ever in Yangshuo, try the bamboo rafting but don’t get caught in a tourist trap. There are vendors all over the streets asking if you want to buy tickets, but they will normally scam you into multiple activities and have you pay high prices. If you’re staying at a reputable hostel, see if they can help you get set up.

Follow this link to watch our short video of our Li River experience!


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