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    A Guide to Spending an Afternoon in Kamakura, Japan

    Tokyo is an incredible city that can easily be any traveller’s entire itinerary. However, if you can bring yourself to escape the city for even a day, Kamakura is the place to go. Only an hour train ride south of Tokyo, Kamakura is a change of scenery from the fast pace modern Japan, back in time to feudal society. Keep reading for an EXTRA BONUS- a Kamakura Tourist Map AND video highlights! History Kamakura once held a very important role…

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  • Vegetarian Food in China

    Before we left for our travels, we were vegan for a couple years. However, we made an executive decision to be pescatarian whilst traveling so we had a broader range of…

  • Day Trip in Nara, Japan

      Take a trip to Nara from either Kyoto or Osaka and spend a day learning about Japanese history. Depending on how you travel, you will most likely start at the…