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    Travel Europe for as Low as $5 Using FlixBus!

    Europe is vast with so many nooks and crannies to explore. From snow capped mountain tops to breathtaking basilicas, there are endless sights to see! Read further to learn how to get around Europe for as low as $5 with FlixBus! Many people traveling through Europe opt for the Eurail Pass, but that can cost you hundreds of dollars. FlixBus is a fairly new Germany-based transportation company that makes it ridiculously effortless and affordable to experience Europe. With over 1,200 destinations…

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  • AIRTREKS: Affordable Round the World Travel

    Airfare is usually the biggest expense when traveling around the world. However, it can be more affordable if you use AirTreks. AirTreks is a company that specializes in booking international, multi-city…