Vegetarian Food in China

Before we left for our travels, we were vegan for a couple years. However, we made an executive decision to be pescatarian whilst traveling so we had a broader range of food options. The one issue about having dietary restrictions in foreign countries is that it can be hard communicating with the restaurant. At one of our China hostels, the front desk agent was kind enough to provide us with a piece of paper that stated our dietary restrictions in Mandarin so we could hand it to our server if we were having a hard time communicating with them.

While in China, in addition to the yummy street food we did splurge a little bit and went to some awesome vegan restaurants. I was so happy to see some of my favorite yummy Chinese dishes, but veganized! Here is our Vegetarian China Food Diary…

Veg Tiger in Beijing 

Street food in Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter

Pure Lotus in Yangshuo

Three Sisters Dumpling in Xi’an

Kali Mirch Indian Food in Yangshuo

Just looking at these photos, make my mouth water! If you’re traveling with a dietary restriction as well, ask someone at your hostel to help you write down your needs on a piece of paper so you can give it to your server. Or you can use the many translation apps such as Google Translate. In the more touristy areas, most restaurants will have an English version of their menu.

Let me know some of your favorite foods whilst traveling!

See you on the road!


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