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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our new travel blog! We are ecstatic to share our journey with you all through the highs and lows of traveling abroad. We made a huge decision after college to leave everything behind and travel the world. Life after college is a long road of trials and tribulations and we knew we weren’t ready for that “adult life”! So we created our own definition of post-grad success and decided to be nomads.

A tremendous amount of research went into planning our first trip and we watched countless YouTube videos and read what seems like every travel blog out in the internet sphere. It was inspirational to see what other people our age and with the same budget as ours were doing to explore the world. Therefore, we decided to document our experiences as well to share with all of you and hopefully make traveling and the unknown less taboo.

We hope to make traveling our lifestyle for many years to come. A huge reason why we decided to travel the world is to soul search so we can find answers to our own questions about our future and purpose. We hope traveling can enlighten us and help us make those big decisions. Who knows? …but that’s the fun in it all! Life beings at the end of your comfort zone.



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